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Take your voice to the next level

Dorinda Dercar

Are you ready to perform at your best?

Dorinda Dercar works with singers, actors, and pageant contestants to develop their true voice and star quality. Whether you are working on the role of your life, preparing for an important audition, or strengthening your voice for future performances, Dorinda has the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you bring out your best voice and sing like never before.

You have a wonderful gift inside of you. Dorinda helps to free that gift so that it can soar to new heights and project with new power. Through exercises, practice, and feedback you will develop the control and flexibility your voice needs to perform at its best.

She can work with you to:

      • Find your true, distinctive, star-quality voice
      • Build stage presence and star-attraction
      • Interview skillfully with judges, directors, producers, and the media
      • Audition at your best
      • Develop a healthy, vibrant, soulful voice at your most expressive
      • Create an act that truly "pops" with energy and fascination
      • Enjoy the highest level of performance and audience appreciation that you have ever known
      • Overcome stage fright and nervousness
      • Advance your performance career
Dorinda works best with performers who are serious about their talent. She has taught and coached many successful performers including pageant winners like Hilary Cruz, Miss Teen U.S.A., film stars like Jessica Beal, and stage performers from New York to California. She has appeared on stage and in film as an actress, singer, and dancer. She earned her Masters Degree in Music.

Dorinda coaches performers of all ages and guarantees that you will sing and perform better than ever before.

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Dercar and Smith brings together the talent, experience, and resources from Dorinda's Voice Studio and Doug Smith Training to provide you with resources, coaching, and workshops where you can develop your talent and achieve your goals.
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